Don’t Leave Home Without It

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  1. Matt says:

    Great tip Karen…I use dumbells as part of my regular routine at home. I spend a lot of time on the road and away from home due to business. Resistance bands are the way to go, when on the road. Thanks for the suggestion! It has been very great for me. I now have a set from 15lbs. to 45lbs. You can pack 6 to 7 of different resistance in a small bag. If you get a set of the “Fitness Gear” Bands available at Dick’s Sporting Goods (not a plug), they also come with an attachment (the door anchor you speak of) which will allow you a greater variety of exercises, such as simulated pullups and overhead tricep exercises. They also come with leg straps for those that want to get a lit more out of leg workouts.
    Another great tool that is compact is pushup bars. Most of them come apart and can be put into any carry-on or fit nicely into you check-bags without adding weight.
    On a personal note, Thank you for your encouragement and advice in my routine. Wish I could be closer to take advantage of a regular workout with you.

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