Testing…1…2…3…Is this thing on?

Venturing into something new is scary…but exhilarating, too!

That is how I feel about this blog, website, and officially launching my personal training business.  Though I’ve been training clients as a certified personal trainer for over 4 years, I’ve always had “something else” at the same time, another job to depend on.  I’ve never committed 100% to personal training.

Maybe that’s how you feel as you contemplate taking your fitness to a new level.  Maybe you’ve always gone for walks or hit the gym for the obligatory 30 minutes on a cardio machine but you’ve never committed 100% to making fitness an integral part of your lifestyle.  And so it’s a little scary.

Well…It’s time we venture into the unknown together.

You can feel confident in my commitment to your overall well-being.  I’m in this for you — for each of my clients — because I know first-hand the sense of empowerment that looking, feeling, and being fit can bring into your life.

I also know that no one can or should embark on a scary adventure alone.  We can do this together.  Let me help you look, feel, and BE fit and confident.

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  1. YAY!! Awesome job with your first blog post. It may take you a little bit to get use to it but you will. And of course hollar at me if you get stuck or see anything crazy going on.

    CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!! I know you will do so well! :)

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